Style Guide

To reduce the labour efforts of our designer, TSOW would appreciate if you formatted your submission to the following Style Guide. We are very forgiving of mistakes or typos, and this new Style Guide is not meant to be a barrier in submitting. Please contact us at if you have any concerns, and we’d be happy to assist/accommodate.


  • Use 12 pt. font.
  • Use em-dashes (—) NOT en-dashes (–) without spaces on either side.
  • Ensure your dialogue is formatted correctly. Check out Masterclass’s resource on this.
  • Do NOT indent at the start of a story, or after a scene break.
  • Follow the spacing guidelines outlined in the submission guidelines for each genre.
  • If your dialogue has quotation marks, use double quotations.
  • Use the Oxford comma when necessary.
  • Do not bold titles, unless necessary to the artistic merit of the work.

TSOW’s style guide was inspired by the Style Guide of Open Minds Quarterly.