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Issue 20

Featuring Lisa Basson, Christopher Sandford Beck, Joelene Brewer, Archana Cini, Miriam Dumitra, Cate Freeborn, Eva Haas, Liv Johnson, Des. MacWatters, Emily Kirsch, Sydney Lobe, Taylor Robinson, Maya Gabriella Somogyi, Liz Stewart, deLacey Tate, and LJ Weisberg.

Sold Out.

Issue 19

Featuring Rita Bunrayong, Autumn Doucette, Miriam Dumitra, Rose Farkhondeh, Lyle Hendriks, Sarah Lachmansingh, Hannah Laing, Sydney Low, Kaye Miller, Elize Blue Musselwhite, Christopher Sanford Beck, Tosh Sherkat, and Taha Qureshi.

Sold Out.

Issue 19 Editorial Anthology

Featuring Rachel Lachmansingh, Sarah Androsoff, Julya van der Sloot, Matisse Edgar Yoshihara, Beth Mushumanski, Carlee Bouillon, Emma Treleaven, Jodie Quinton, Amanda Proctor, Natalie van Nieuwkuyk, Chloe Latour, and Jade Mikell.

$15.00 + Shipping.

Issue 18

Featuring Liz Stewart, Tosh Sherkat, Brianna Bock, Chloe Cookson, Kim Dias, Neil Griffin, Sarah Lachmansingh, Bryant Linton, Lindsey Schneider, and Kiley Verbowski.

$15.00 + Shipping.

Issue 18 Editorial Anthology

Featuring Emma Powell, Anne Marie Hak, Amanda Proctor, Marley Sterner, Emma de Blois, Glenn Howard, Beth Mushumanski, Amy Dechka, Matisse Edgar-Yoshihara, and Petranella Daviel.

$15.00 + Shipping.

Issue 17

Featuring Duncan Alexander, Carlee Bouillon, Mx Bound, Emma Grace Carter, Sophie Crocker, Natasha D’Amours, Petranella Daviel, Amy Dechka, Nick Edsall, Kate Wallace Fry, Neil Griffin, Hannah Koning, Kellan Moore, Emily Pegg, Sierra Perrett, and Anna Pollard.

$15.00 + Shipping.

Issue 17 Editorial Anthology

Featuring Kai Conradi, Hana Mason, Emma Sloan, Marley Sterner, Karine Hack, Kim Dias, Naomi Duska, Janelle Paquette, Emma de Blois, and J.J. Landrey.

Sold Out.

Issue 16

Featuring Shaelin Bishop, Sophie Crocker, Naomi Duska, Kate Fry, Nathan Hessman, Safiya Hopfe, Mary Johnson, Emma Leck, Elyse Mathes, Laura Milne, Hunter Oliwa, Sarah Pitman, Anika Pobuda, Miriam Putters, Emma Sloan, Max Szredni, Rob Walsh, and Megan Andrews.

$15.00 + Shipping.


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