Who We Are

This Side of West (TSOW) is the University of Victoria’s official undergraduate literary journal. We seek to publish original stories and artwork from UVic undergraduate students. We prioritize new voices with fresh perspectives and an understanding of their form.

We are accepting submissions for Issue 19 currently. Please read the guidelines below and submit in the “Submit your work!” section of this website.

Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions in the following genres from UVic undergraduate students:

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Poetry
  • Stageplay
  • Screenplay
  • Visual Artwork

When submitting, remove your name and contact information from the submission and file name. 

Submitters are identified by the submission form in the “Submit your Work!” section of this website.

Please name your files using this format: TITLE_GENRE_tsow19. 

For Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry and Stageplay submissions, please send .doc and .docx files. 

For Screenplay and Visual Art submissions, please send .pdf files.

Writers and Artists may submit to multiple genres. Writers and Artists may only submit once per genre.

Feel free to submit to every genre, but beware an author can only be published once per issue.

Submit every piece as a different document.

Formatting Guidelines:

Fiction and Nonfiction: Double-spaced in 12pt Times New Roman. No maximum word count for fiction and nonfiction. Typically, submissions of 5000 words or less are published.

Stage plays: 12pt Times New Roman single-spaced, double-spaced between characters. 25 page maximum.

Screenplay: 25-page maximum, standard screenplay formatting, 12pt Courier font.

Poetry: 12pt Times New Roman, up to five poems amounting to a maximum of ten pages. Please signify if poems are meant to be read individually or as a group.

Comics: For in-progress works, send us a photo or scan of your pencils. For completed works, send us a photo or scan of your panels. Please include an additional text file for the script.

Visual Art: Please send us high quality photographs or scans of your artwork.

Email questions regarding submissions to tsowsubmissions@gmail.com.

Email all other inquires to thissideofwest@gmail.com.