Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another year of amazing undergraduate writing here at UVic! Campus is buzzing, the quad is still gloriously sunny, the annual workshop adrenaline-highs are slowly building up, and we can’t wait to get started. We’re already dreaming of all the great stuff you’ll be sending our way come submission season.

For now, though, we’re finalizing our staff and booking event dates. You’ll be able to find us at Clubs and Course Union days, so come say hi! If you didn’t get your application in on time or don’t end up on the staff, no worries, you can still get involved with UWUCU, the undergrad course union responsible for all the fun events we do throughout the year (are you a trivia master? Come write some questions! Are you an event planning poetry wiz? Come figure out how to make a game-based poetry event work!) And don’t forget to submit your work when the time comes!

Keep an eye out for information about the UWUCU AGM, the Issue 18 Editor’s Reading, and the Small Press Fest in October.

I’d also like to introduce myself as this year’s Editor-in-Cheif. You may recognize me as the girl running around speaking gibberish about printing costs, posters trailing behind, or from my Facebook event spam. I am so excited to get to work reading and editing your incredible writing and to start engaging this community along with our staff.


Hana Mason, EIC