The year has begun!

Oh. Boy. It’s that time of year again. Writing 100 is still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the sun is still out, sometimes for multiple minutes (!), and some of you have already been workshopped. I am so sorry.

The Issue 17 staff has been finalized except for our two first-year interns, who will be hired soon (so if you want one of those spots, let us know now!!). So speaking of times, it’s the time when TSOW turns its head to look towards the Editors’ Reading and submissions season. The reading will be at 6:30pm on Saturday, October 20th at Hillside Coffee & Tea. I’ve said it each of my four years with the journal, but it’s always true: I’m blown away by the talent on staff this year. And each year I’ve returned to a new cohort, it’s somehow even better than the last.

This year, we have returning faces who’ve just written their first pieces in new genres and they’re already unbelievably good. We have writers who are entering their 300-level workshops and the stuff they did in 200s is beyond publishable. And it’s such beautiful writing that one can’t help but be happy when it’s read. Sounds froufrou, and maybe it is, but it’s also true.

If you didn’t get an application in soon enough but still want to be involved in UVic Writing happenings, please keep your eyes peeled for news about the Course Union. There will be positions and opportunities to get involved available there. We will be holding a General Meeting for the Course Union on the 27th of September at 6:00 in the Fine Arts lecture hall. The one by the door. I will update once I’ve figured out what number it is.

As always, email us with questions.

Rock on!

Riley Smith
Editor-in-Chief, This Side of West