Thanks for a great year and happy summer!

Man oh man, was Issue 16 a wild ride! With the help of a fantastic volunteer staff and work from an unbelievably talented group of upcoming writers, we published the orange-est issue yet! The level of work has been high for all my three years on staff, but this year was something else. No easy decisions were made and even though we went over our target page count, we still could’ve published another solid book. Huge thank-yous to everyone who submitted and also to the editors and directors who worked their way through the haze of creating the best collection possible.

We have huge plans for next year involving expanded Course Union events and refined This Side of West operations. That includes remembering that we have a website… Make sure you check in here for complete updates and on our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute info! Our burgeoning Twitter, now at the better @ThisSideofWest handle, is also worth a follow.

Make sure you apply to be a section editor or director next fall! We will post a list of open positions in August, but feel free to get in contact earlier.

In a paragraph or two, I’ll sign off, kick back in a porch chair, and sip a gin and tonic, but I’d like to say one serious thing first. If you have any concerns about Course Union or journal operations, policies, or events, please approach us posthaste. Everyone on our staff is 110% receptive to worries that you might have reservations or concerns about being taken seriously, and if you bring something forward, you will be heard and you will be respected.

And with that, it’s time for my G&T. When Issue 16 is back in stock, we’ll be sure to make sure you’re sure where you can get your copy.

Have a delightful summer! Read! Write!

– Riley Smith, Editor-in-Chief