Tara Fietz, Creative Nonfiction Editor

Dramatically cursed with dry, British wit and a Scottish temper, Tara Fietz has a chronic

love of books and getting lost in them while dinner quietly burns. Naturally, this led her

to writing, and her zeal for the written word hasn’t diminished since her early first novel,

all 191 hand-scribbled pages of it— in which she had a major crush on her male lead

character. After moving eight times since her Ottawa birthplace— mostly around

Alberta, discovering she likes neither horses nor cold weather— Tara seems to have

settled down for good in Victoria, BC. Her poetry has won a place in two previous

writing contests, including Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards. She is also a University of

Victoria student in Creative Writing and Greek and Roman Studies, juggling poetry,

Greek epics and Latin with a longterm, committed relationship with her debut novel,

adding doses of rosé when required.


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