Behind the Scenes

T.W. Laing wrote two pieces for Issue #8 (launching this Friday). Here, he tells us howabout his first foray into the literary magazine world and what he learned; words from one of our own. (If you’re looking to get involved, email us. We’d love to have you on board.)

Writing for This Side of West was a pleasure. It was my first involvement with a literary magazine of any sort, and the experience was engaging. Not only is the thought of having my work published a pleasant one, but I also learned a fair amount by doing the pieces that I did.
While researching the history of UVic’s undergraduate magazine I had the chance to get in touch with a number of the Department of Writing’s former faculty members. I came into the assignment with absolutely no idea of what was currently going on or what had happened in the past, and thus had to do all the legwork from scratch. However, this made the project Continue reading

Hell yeah, Hyenas

You know what’s awesome? Hyenas, man. Hyenas are awesome. All villainous, mangy fur, wicked, crushing jaws and rippling, scrap-fed muscles. Seriously man, they may be ugly, but they are without a doubt nature’s shit-mix of awesome. I would definitely be a hyena. I can just imagine spending my days rolling the ticks out of my fur in the mud and napping on the savannah and the epic stalking I could do at night as I scavenged the rotting innards of a lion’s dinner. Honestly, they’re like the ugly mafia of the savannah, stealing food and causing havoc with every yip and chomp. And be damned my over-sized head and ratty mane, since I’d just be running the pack and picking mates at will. Booyah! Plus, if I were a hyena, I wouldn’t have to write blog entries hungover.

-Tanysia Komers