Submission Guidelines

Editor’s note: Submission guidelines for Issue 17 may change from those listed here. We have decided to leave Issue 16’s guidelines online in case you wanted a reference for preparing work before we announce I17’s.


We are looking for unpublished undergraduate work that displays the best that the University of Victoria has to offer. Anyone currently enrolled in one or more undergraduate course at UVic is eligible to submit.

For all submissions include your name, title of submission, genre, word count and contact info (a preferred email address or phone number) in the body of your email. Please do not include your name or contact information anywhere on the attached submission. If you link to a website or other account, please make sure there is no identifying information present.

After our editorial staff have considered a piece, they will either accept or reject it. In some cases, when they think a piece can improve to a publishable level, they may request a revision from the writer. Our Director of Submissions will make it clear in their response as to which status applies to your submission. Feedback may also be provided if a piece has been rejected.

Submission Guidelines:

Fiction: Double-spaced, no maximum word count, but length may be a factor in final decisions. Please submit using doc or docx format.

Poetry: Up to five poems, each poem not exceeding 2 pages in length. Please submit using doc or docx format.

CNF: No maximum word count this year, but length may be a factor in final decisions. Please submit using doc or docx format.

Drama: 25-page maximum, single-spaced (please double space between characters.) Please submit using doc or docx for stage and PDF for screen.

Comics: For in-progress works, send us a photo or scan of your pencils. For completed works, send us a photo or scan of your panels. If the text isn’t clear in the image, please include an additional text file for the script.

Editor’s Note: After hearing feedback from students, maximum word counts have been removed from the Fiction and CNF guidelines. In years past, 4,000 words was the maximum length, which worked well from a publishing standpoint. “Length may be a factor…” means that we might take two 4,500-word pieces that are 90% as good as a perfect 9,000-word story. These difficult decisions are realities of publishing and will be made at the discretion of the This Side of West staff.

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