Issue 18 Staff

Hana Mason Editor in Chief

Naomi Duska                     Managing Editor

Beth Mushumanski is a third-year writing and English major at the University of Victoria. She enjoys naming her plants, reading queer love stories, and doing her best to embody generic tropes about writers.

Beth Mushumanski                  Fiction Editor

Emma Powell                                        Fiction Editor


Ann Marie Hak                       Creative  Non-Fiction Editor

Glenn Howard                                     Creative Non-Fiction Editor

Amanda Proctor                         Poetry Editor



Carlee Bouillon                          Poetry Editor









Emma de Blois                               Drama Editor





Matisse Edgar-Yoshihara                Drama Editor




Marley Sterner                                 Drama Editor

Petranella Daviel                   Director of Graphics

Amy Dechka                                       Director of Submissions


Julya Van der Sloot                              Intern

Rachel Lachmansingh                     Intern























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