Congratulations to everyone selected for 2011’s issue of This Side of West!

This year we were inundated with top-notch submissions, and we want to thank everyone in the Creative Writing Department for sending us such awesome work! As always, it was no easy task selecting the finest. This year we’re publishing fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama by the following fifteen talented writers:

Alexa Gilker
Brittany Bates
Kayla Czaga
Roland Rasmussen
Lauren Clinton
Colin Fulton
Grady Mitchell
Bryce Bladon
Mikale Fenton
Geoffrey Line
Joy Fisher
Ben Laroche
Holly Romanow
Megan Welsh
Vanessa Stofer

Grad Reading 2011


Are you graduating from the Creative Writing department this year? Do you know anyone who is? Then come check out the TSoW grad readings on March 4 in the Fine Arts Lecture Hall!

Readers will include Eliza Robertson, Max Sussman, Lauren Clinton, Hilary Smith, Megan Russell, Meghan Bell, Emily Garland, Darius Kinney, Kayla Hart, Michelle Brown, Will Johnson, Katie Fritz and many, many more!

Bring your family! Bring your friends!

If you’re interested in reading, let us know. Any questions? Email Michelle at

See you there!

Grad Readings!

Grads of 2011,

Since we have such a talented year, and it’s been a while since the department did anything to showcase graduating writers, I thought we should reinstate the Grad Reading.

I envision it as being a three (or more, depending on how much interest we get) part reading, with each date showcasing a combination of genres.

It would take place in late March-early April, and would probably happen somewhere on campus (but we can decorate, to make it look swanky!).

If you’re graduating in 2011, and would be interested in reading, send me (Michelle) an e-mail at Myself and Will will be visiting 4th-year workshops in the next few weeks as well.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Michelle Brown
This Side of West

Thank you for all your awesome submissions!

Three hours of photocopying over 200 submissions (and great ones, at that) has made me one tickled editor-in-chief! Seriously, I am thrilled and honoured to be a part of this talented, funny writing department.

We will be contacting those chosen to be in the journal by early February, so keep your phones close and your e-mails closer.

Also, keep your ears peeled for other fun events (first year reading! grad reading!), etc. E-mail me anytime, to talk about writing or anything else.

With love and gratitude and more love,

Michelle Brown
This Side of West