Hell yeah, Hyenas

You know what’s awesome? Hyenas, man. Hyenas are awesome. All villainous, mangy fur, wicked, crushing jaws and rippling, scrap-fed muscles. Seriously man, they may be ugly, but they are without a doubt nature’s shit-mix of awesome. I would definitely be a hyena. I can just imagine spending my days rolling the ticks out of my fur in the mud and napping on the savannah and the epic stalking I could do at night as I scavenged the rotting innards of a lion’s dinner. Honestly, they’re like the ugly mafia of the savannah, stealing food and causing havoc with every yip and chomp. And be damned my over-sized head and ratty mane, since I’d just be running the pack and picking mates at will. Booyah! Plus, if I were a hyena, I wouldn’t have to write blog entries hungover.

-Tanysia Komers

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