We’ll be setting up the SUBMIT page on the website soon for online submissions. Just get those masterpieces ready for submission and keep an eye out during the next week. We apologize for the delay, but worry not, your wonderful work will not be left unread!

A few editors’ blogs have been added to the list on the right, do check them out and have a splendid night/morning/pre-evening.

Thank You & You & You

Thanks to all who came to the Editor’s Reading! We look forward to hearing your wonderful work as well, so keep an eye out for submission dates.

It’s one more week until reading break! What will you be writing about during your glorious free time?

Also, here‘s something funny for the week!

Tonight’s the night!

Ello all, don’t forget to come down and support your new editors tonight at the Intrepid Theatre at 7pm for the Editor’s Reading!

Ever get nervous before a performance? Afraid you might stumble on your words? (I sure am!) But worry not, fluency comes easily (or at least easier) when it’s about something you know. Trust your tongue to tell your tale.

Also, ever tried reading a map? Wouldn’t it be fun to go on an adventure and finally seek out that which you’ve been searching for? Well, given classes are still underway (not to mention those dreadful exams), watch Moonrise Kingdom to pacify your holiday hunger! It’s screening again at Cinecenta from November 4th to 6th, at 9:15pm. Directed by Wes Anderson, it’s a sure hit with adorers of his previous films. So take a break and be inspired by the woodsy bells and enchanting story.

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend!


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The staff page has officially been updated, so do acquaint yourself with the new team!

And be sure to attend the Editor’s Reading on Saturday, 3rd November 2012, at the Intrepid Theatre on Blanshard Street.

We’ll see you there!

A Night With Your Editors

To introduce you to our wonderful editors, you are invited to our annual TSOW Editor’s Reading.

Please join us at Intrepid Theater 1609 Blanschard Street.
Doors at 7, readings start at 7:30
Refreshments: Wine, Beer, Coolers

Admission is $4 at the door, all proceeds go to this year’s publication.

We hope to see you there.

A word from your BRAND SPANKING NEW Editor in Chief

Fellow writers, friends and random stumble-upon-ers,

My name is Alex Hodgson and I am proud to announce I am the 2012/2013 Editor in Chief for This Side of West. First off, to avoid any confusion: my name is “Alex,” and yes, I am a girl.

Moving on.

I’m excited to announce we have our new Editing crew put together, who will be featured on the website by the end of the week, who are as talented as they are good looking. 😉

This year will be TSoW’s 11th edition and we’re eager to find some innovative, push-the-limits, I-gotta-have-that-in-MY-book kind of writing, and we know that YOU have it.

Some things to look forward to this semester:
-.- The Editor’s Reading – Saturday November 3rd
-.- 1st Years Open Mic

More info to come on A Night With Your Editors, stay tuned!

Alex Hodgson
Editor in Chief



It’s finally here! Come celebrate the publication of the 10th issue of This Side of West, the UVic writing department’s undergraduate literary magazine.

+@ the Victoria Event Centre 1415 Broad Street
+Doors at 7, reading starts at 7:30
+ Featuring readings from this year’s journal
+ Cash bar
+ Your chance to buy this year’s issue! (And it’s always best to buy at the launch ––– it has sold out at the launch for the past three years!)


$12 at the door – includes 1 issue #10

Be On Our Cover! Submit Your Art to This Side of West

This Side of West wants your art to cover our literary journal!!

The theme of our 10th issue is: On the Edge

Full colour as well as black & white images are accepted.  The dimensions of the journal runs 6×9 inches.

Keep in mind the journal title and the theme will appear on the front. Feel free to incorporate them into your image. I like the Walkway Expand Black font best and will be using it for the cover as well as the title page.

Submit your stuff by January 31 @ 11:59pm to our website
Register here: