Hiring Staff for Issue #14 (2015/16)

Welcome back students and literary lovers of all kinds!

It’s a new year for This Side of West and we’re looking to put together an excellent team of editors and executives for issue #14 of the journal. We require that all positions be filled by responsible, capable, and eager individuals in order to secure the journal’s success. This year will be full of exciting new events, team reorganization, and talented submissions to read through from our new creative writing aficionados, so be ready to tell us why you feel you’d be the best fit for the job.

We do not require resumes, but do ask that you let us know of any relevant experience along with a cover letter that addresses your strengths and talents. In particular, we are eager to find those versed in event planning, the adobe creative suite, and eye-catching poster making. Take a look at the positions we have available this year:

Events Coordinator

The events coordinator is responsible for all aspects of event production. They will assist the board with the planning and coordination of all events including but not limited to the journal launch, editors readings, and fundraisers.

Duties include:

  • Negotiating event space contracts and bookings
  • Ordering supplies and equipment as needed
  • Making travel arrangements as needed
  • Ordering signs/posters for events

Director of Submissions and Social Media

The Director of Submissions and Social Media will be responsible for dealing with incoming submissions by removing any identifying materials from submissions [names/emails] and forwarding them to the applicable genre editors. For the social media aspect, this position requires someone who has a strong familiarity with all social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter.

Duties include:

  • Maintaining regular updates on TSOW’s Facebook, Twitter and WordPress (if possible) accounts
  • Tweeting and Facebooking from events as they happen
  • Creating event pages on Facebook and actively promoting them across accounts
  • Obsessively checking emails to make sure submissions are being received and promptly responded to with a rejection or acceptance email.

Genre Editors

Fiction, Poetry, CNF, Drama, Visual Arts

Genre editors are responsible for receiving submissions and narrowing the selection down to talented pieces worthy of being published. They must have a keen eye for quality and be ready to send back edits and feedback when applicable. The availability to regularly check and read submissions as well as to attend editor meetings is important.

Additional Volunteers

We are always grateful to accept a helping hand during event times and right before journal publication. These positions include:

Copy Editors
Graphic/Poster Designers
Volunteers to help set-up/take-down before/after events
Event Photographers

If any of these positions sound of any interest to you, please forward us an email at thissideofwest@gmail.com. Please include the position of interest and why you think you’d be our best fit.

We can’t wait to work with you!

2013 Editor’s Reading Photo Gallery

We braved the crowd and swallowed our nerves.

A huge thank you to Hugo Wong for capturing us at our best.

Micro-fiction contest

To celebrate this year’s UVic Phoenix Theatre Season, TSOW is holding a micro-fiction contest. From a family escaping the end of the world, to a town plagued by influenza, the Phoenix has selected a strong season built around impending doom.

With that in mind, tweet us your best apocalypse mini-stories (maximum size: one tweet) to earn a chance to win two tickets for an upcoming Phoenix Theatre show.

Contest runs from November 18 to December 2.

Make sure to mention @ThisSideofW in your tweet so we see it.


It’s a whole new year

This Side of West is back for the 12th year of publication. We’re excited to welcome a new team of editors and can’t wait to share our writing with the world.

Submission details will be announced shortly, so get editing!

In the meantime, we’re hosting an editor’s reading November 21, 7pm, on campus. (We’re still firming up the location. We promise you’ll be the first to know.) So, mark your calendars and join us for a night filled with words from all four genres: creative non-fiction, drama, fiction and poetry.

The best way to stay informed on all This Side of West happenings is to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Psst, we may or may not be announcing a fun Twitter competition very soon!

Talk soon,
The TSOW team


Behind the Scenes

T.W. Laing wrote two pieces for Issue #8 (launching this Friday). Here, he tells us howabout his first foray into the literary magazine world and what he learned; words from one of our own. (If you’re looking to get involved, email us. We’d love to have you on board.)

Writing for This Side of West was a pleasure. It was my first involvement with a literary magazine of any sort, and the experience was engaging. Not only is the thought of having my work published a pleasant one, but I also learned a fair amount by doing the pieces that I did.
While researching the history of UVic’s undergraduate magazine I had the chance to get in touch with a number of the Department of Writing’s former faculty members. I came into the assignment with absolutely no idea of what was currently going on or what had happened in the past, and thus had to do all the legwork from scratch. However, this made the project Continue reading

Hell yeah, Hyenas

You know what’s awesome? Hyenas, man. Hyenas are awesome. All villainous, mangy fur, wicked, crushing jaws and rippling, scrap-fed muscles. Seriously man, they may be ugly, but they are without a doubt nature’s shit-mix of awesome. I would definitely be a hyena. I can just imagine spending my days rolling the ticks out of my fur in the mud and napping on the savannah and the epic stalking I could do at night as I scavenged the rotting innards of a lion’s dinner. Honestly, they’re like the ugly mafia of the savannah, stealing food and causing havoc with every yip and chomp. And be damned my over-sized head and ratty mane, since I’d just be running the pack and picking mates at will. Booyah! Plus, if I were a hyena, I wouldn’t have to write blog entries hungover.

-Tanysia Komers