Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another year of amazing undergraduate writing here at UVic! Campus is buzzing, the quad is still gloriously sunny, the annual workshop adrenaline-highs are slowly building up, and we can’t wait to get started. We’re already dreaming of all the great stuff you’ll be sending our way come submission season.

For now, though, we’re finalizing our staff and booking event dates. You’ll be able to find us at Clubs and Course Union days, so come say hi! If you didn’t get your application in on time or don’t end up on the staff, no worries, you can still get involved with UWUCU, the undergrad course union responsible for all the fun events we do throughout the year (are you a trivia master? Come write some questions! Are you an event planning poetry wiz? Come figure out how to make a game-based poetry event work!) And don’t forget to submit your work when the time comes!

Keep an eye out for information about the UWUCU AGM, the Issue 18 Editor’s Reading, and the Small Press Fest in October.

I’d also like to introduce myself as this year’s Editor-in-Cheif. You may recognize me as the girl running around speaking gibberish about printing costs, posters trailing behind, or from my Facebook event spam. I am so excited to get to work reading and editing your incredible writing and to start engaging this community along with our staff.


Hana Mason, EIC

Poetry Body Slam!

Hey all!

Now that submissions are closed and you can relax (we’ll be hard at work falling in love with your amazing writing abilities,) UWUCU has an event for you!

Poetry Body Slam is exactly what it sounds like. Combining the chaotic powers of writing and wrestling for one night only (March 8th, at 7pm in the FIA lecture hall,) this is an event you do not want to miss.

Come on down and compete for hella cool prizes and the admiration of your peers in games such as…


Judges include The Warren’s Neil and Antonia, and the independent harbinger of chaos Sierra. Did you hear something about them taking bribes? Did we say something about it? We can neither confirm nor deny.

Admission is free. Check out the facebook event for more.

Come in costume. Teams of three. Be ready to poetry. Be ready to body slam.


Submissions Now Closed!

Submissions for Issue 17 of This Side of West are now closed. A huge thank you to everyone who submitted this year!

Enjoy your reading break everyone – we’ll sure enjoy reading your work this week! Stayed tuned for info about the launch. We can’t wait to see every single one of you there!


Crossover Show this Friday!

Hey again, all!

There’s a fun new craze that’s sweeping the nation, and it’s collaboration! In this spirit, Vikes Improv, This Side of West, The Warren, and the UVic Live Music Club have linked arms, joined forces, allied—whatever you want to call it—to bring a night of comedy, readings, art, and music to the University of Victoria for free. It’s all gonna kick off at 7pm this Friday (December 7th) at the David Lam Auditorium. Managing Editor Hana Mason will be hosting, and we’ll have a few quick readings from our staff. Readers are:

– Naomi Duska, poetry editor
– Glenn Howard, intern
– Riley Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Admission is free, and please email us if you have questions. More details can be found on the Facebook event page.

Rock on!

Submissions are open!

Please read our submissions guidelines and then send your work our way! Our editors are rarin’ to read, so don’t keep them waiting.

Thanks also to all who came out for the best Editors’ Reading I’ve seen. It’s always a fantastic and engaging event, but the energy at Hillside Coffee was something different and remarkable. This community is so talented and diverse.

Saturday is the Editors’ Reading

Your calendars have been marked, but here’s the final reminder! Saturday the 20th at 6:30pm at Hillside Coffee & Tea, we’ll be celebrating the opening of submissions season with the Editors’ Reading! Tickets are $10, and available at the door. This beautiful (inside and outside) collection will be available for purchase at the event.

The Editors’ Reading is practically here!

Hi all!

Thanks to everyone who’s reached out to ask about our programming for the year! We’ve got some exciting news. The Editors’ Reading is ten days away! On the 20th at 6:30pm, doors will open at Hillside Coffee & Tea for this lovely event. It’s always a pleasure to hear the work the This Side of West staff read from their work, but this year we’ll also have books available with the work inside. Tickets will be $10 and can be purchased at the door or from staff starting Thursday the 11th of October.

If you have any questions about the Editors’ Reading, please refer to our Facebook event! But if that doesn’t give you the answer you wanted, email us at thissideofwest@gmail.com.

See you there!


The year has begun!

Oh. Boy. It’s that time of year again. Writing 100 is still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the sun is still out, sometimes for multiple minutes (!), and some of you have already been workshopped. I am so sorry.

The Issue 17 staff has been finalized except for our two first-year interns, who will be hired soon (so if you want one of those spots, let us know now!!). So speaking of times, it’s the time when TSOW turns its head to look towards the Editors’ Reading and submissions season. The reading will be at 6:30pm on Saturday, October 20th at Hillside Coffee & Tea. I’ve said it each of my four years with the journal, but it’s always true: I’m blown away by the talent on staff this year. And each year I’ve returned to a new cohort, it’s somehow even better than the last.

This year, we have returning faces who’ve just written their first pieces in new genres and they’re already unbelievably good. We have writers who are entering their 300-level workshops and the stuff they did in 200s is beyond publishable. And it’s such beautiful writing that one can’t help but be happy when it’s read. Sounds froufrou, and maybe it is, but it’s also true.

If you didn’t get an application in soon enough but still want to be involved in UVic Writing happenings, please keep your eyes peeled for news about the Course Union. There will be positions and opportunities to get involved available there. We will be holding a General Meeting for the Course Union on the 27th of September at 6:00 in the Fine Arts lecture hall. The one by the door. I will update once I’ve figured out what number it is.

As always, email us with questions.

Rock on!

Riley Smith
Editor-in-Chief, This Side of West